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Banks Europa Type 47   Type 62  Bodywork    Chassis  Electrics  Interior   Engines   Running gear

The original Lotus Europa went out of production in the seventies but still lives on in the form of the "Banks Europa".

Based on the concept of the Lotus 47 Sports Racing car and the Lotus 62 2.0 litre sports prototype (both of which had many successes on the track in the late 1960s and early 1970s).

Each car is hand built to the highest specification using up-to-date materials and components and is unique to the customers requirements.

Whether you are a serious racer, a track day enthusiast or just a sports car driver we will build a car to your specification and because we use up-to-date components you don't have the "troubles" of running a "classic car".

Type 47R profile  
The Banks Europa is available in two basic formats, the "47R" and the "62S".


 Type 62S profile